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Due to a workshop move, I will not be able to ship any items until early September 2024. There will also be a delay on any custom orders. Thank you for your understanding.

Fine, handcrafted knives and tools

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Knives are one of mankind’s oldest tools and are still used daily by most of the world’s population. BALETA Handmade knives are fine, hand-crafted tools, all made with the intention that they are used. To ensure a product of the finest quality, production processes that have been refined over many years are used in the crafting of BALETA Handmade knives and tools - all of the materials and components have been carefully selected for their intended use. With correct care, a BALETA Handmade knife or tool will give you a lifetime of use and enjoyment, and you will be able to pass this beautiful heirloom piece on for future generations to enjoy.

BALETA Handmade knives and tools are all exclusively crafted by myself, Paul Baleta. Son of a butcher, keen hunter, outdoors-man and home cook - a good knife should always be close at hand. I have always had a fascination with knives and hand tools... anything sharp! I love working with my hands and natural materials and started my first handmade knife as a teenager growing up in South Africa. After many years of work and travel in the corporate world, building and racing motorcycles, I am now settled with my family in the hills of Carinthia, Austria. I have gone back to one of my other passions in life - making knives.

Unlike mass-produced items, a BALETA Handmade knife or tool is not a product of some random statistics of machine output, but rather, a piece of art that I have at attempted to turn into a masterpiece.

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If you like what I do and are interested in a custom or comissioned knife, please get in touch.


Tel: +44 7904 090908

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