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Kiridashi - Cocobolo
  • Kiridashi - Cocobolo

    SKU: 22083

    Inspired by a traditional Japanese Kiridashi. A fine tip for detailed work; generous, rounded handle and choil for comfort; curved handle to keep your working hand away from the leather; the polished 17 degree edge glides easily through 10oz leather; this one features an oiled Cocobolo handle with liners; made in N690 stainless steel - corrosion resistant, will hold an edge for a long time and easy to get razor sharp with just a few strokes on a strop. This knife is indispensable for leather-work.



      Blade: Böhler N690 Stainless Steel (HRC +/- 60)

      Blade thickness: 1.8mm m(0.07")

      Cutting edge length:  60mm (2.4")

      Overall length: 195mm (7.7")

      Weight: 86g (3oz)

      Handle material: Oiled Cocobolo with fibre liners

      Fittings: Brass


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