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Leather Axe - Macassar Ebony
  • Leather Axe - Macassar Ebony

    SKU: 22086

    A different take on the traditional western round-knife or half-moon knife. Only one tip of a traditional round-knife is generally used and the full length of the blade is rarely utilized. This version does away with one tip, providing an additional thumb grip in it's place and an ergonomic curved handle. More nimble and efficient than a traditional round-knife... a quarter knife?


    This beauty has a rounded handle, choil and spine for comfort. With a fine taper from the handle to the cutting edge and the polished 17 degree edge - it glides through 10oz leather with ease. A beautiful and hard-wearing Macassar Ebony handle with warm, reddish streaks in it. This knife is  crafted in N690 stainless steel - corrosion resistant, holds an edge for a long time and is easy to get razor sharp with just a few strokes on a strop (less blade to sharpen than a traditional round-knife :-) ). This knife makes easy work of straight lines and gentle curves.


    The BALETA Handmade Leather Axe is a 'must have' for your leatherwork projects.



      Blade: Böhler N690 stainless steel (HRC +/- 60)

      Blade thickness: 1.8mm (0.07")

      Cutting edge length:  108mm (4.2")

      Overall length: 175 mm (6.8")

      Weight:  106g (3.7oz)

      Handle material: Oiled Macassar Ebony

      Fittings: Brass


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