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Prestige 6.5" Petty/Utility
  • Prestige 6.5" Petty/Utility

    SKU: 20054

    The Petty or Utility knife - a  medium sized, general purpose knife for the kitchen.


    With a generous, rounded handle, a rounded spine and finger guard/choil - this knife can be used all day. This functional kitchen tool has brass pins with a mosaic pin and a tough-as-nails black G-10 bolster up front with a carbon-fibre pin. The main part of the handle is in beautifully burled Maple wood that has been stabilized and dyed in-house. The stabilizing process impregnates the wood with an extremely durable resin - this makes the wood virtually impervious warping or cracking, water resistant and a lot more hard-wearing than natural wood.


    It has a fine geometry from spine to edge and is sharpened to 17 degrees at the edge. Balance point is at the front of the handle, just behind the choil.


    Perfect for folks who prefer smaller/lighter knives for general kitchen duty.


      Blade: Böhler N690 Stainless Steel (HRC +/- 60)

      Blade thickness (at handle): 2.3mm (0.09")

      Blade thickness (1" from tip): 1mm (0.04")

      Blade length: 165mm (6.5")

      Overall length: 298mm (15.7")

      Blade height (at heel): 43mm (1.7")

      Weight: 142g (5oz)

      Balance point: front of the handle, just behind the choil

      Handle material: Stabilized Maple burl with G-10 bolster, vulcanised fibre liner, brass pins, mosaic pin and carbon fibre pin in the bolster.


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