Sgian Dubh 'Coruisk'
  • Sgian Dubh 'Coruisk'

    This is a custom order for a Sgian Dubh 'Coruisk' - a new variant on a traditional Scottish Sgian Dubh. The 'Coruisk' features a long, slim, highly finished blade with a flared, solid bolster, an accent spacer and pommel. The 'Coruisk' has an elegant and dressy feel compared to the more rustic 'Scavaig' design.


    The blade is crafted in customer choice of either M390 or RWL34 stainless steel or carbon Damascus. M390 and RWL34 are very high performance powder metallurgy 'super' steels. These modern steels enable a lustrous satin sheen on the blade and both have excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. The carbon Damascus is comprised of 300 layers of two different carbon steels that have been twisted and forge welded together. Different patterns of Damascus are available. The blade also features detailed filework on the spine. The selection of steel will give an indication on the price difference on the base model.


    The bolster is solid metal and not just a ferrule (metal band around the wood). Brass, Nickel Silver or Copper can be used. Behind the bolster is a spacer in a material of the customer choice. The standard model has a beautifully figured Maple burl that has been stabilized and dyed - various colors are available. Besides exotic wood, other materials like Mammoth bone or tusk can be used to make a knife that is that little bit more special. The handle center is normally in African Blackwood or Ebony but a large selection of exotic hardwood and other materials are available. The pommel is in a material of the customer choice and features a decorative mosaic pin at the back. The handle pin is normally peened, domed and then polished to a satin finish, but a mosaic pin can also be used.


    The sheath is 100% handmade in-house with saddle stitching and Celtic knot toolwork to match the color and feel of the knife.


    The base model in RWL34 stainless with brass bolster, stabilized Maple burl spacer, African Blackwood handle center, Bog Oak pommel with a mosaic pin and sheath with toolwork starts at 400 Euro. The selection of handle material and steel will determine the final price of the custom 'Coruisk'. Personalization (e.g. initials etched on blade or carved in the sheath) is also available on request.


    Please get in touch to discuss the specifications of your 'Coruisk' and a quote.


      Blade: Customer choice

      Blade thickness: 3.0 to 3.5mm (0.12" to 0.14")

      Blade length: +/- 99mm (3.9")

      Overall length: +/- 207mm (8.15")

      Handle material: Solid metal bolster, vulcanized fibre and metal  liners, with a selected hardwood centre and pommel.

      Fittings: Mosaic pin in the pommel

      Traditional hidden tang design with filework on the spine. Comes with a custom fitted sheath as seen.