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The 'Corbett' Hunter

The 'Corbett' Hunter

SKU: 23004

Inspired by and named after the legendary man-eating tiger hunter Jim Corbett. Long, slim and with flowing lines - if I was confronted by a man-eating beastie, and my rifle was no longer with me or useful, this would be the tool I would fall back on.


The hidden-tang design ensures a relatively light and nimble blade for its length and thickness. This blade is crafted in Böhler M390 stainless steel - one of the best powder metallurgy knife steels out there with exceptional edge retention and finishes beautifully. 'Vine and Thorn' filework on the spine with a finger guard in Nickel Silver with an intricate mosaic pin to compliment the exotic look of this piece. The front spacer is in stabilized Mammoth bone and the handle in stabilized Poplar burl. The stabilizing process impregnates the wood (or bone) with a specialist resin that is then cured. This strengthens the material, prevents is from warping or cracking and makes it weather resistant.


The fitted leather sheath is lined in Chamois leather and features a Bullfrog skin insert and toolwork.


An heirloom piece, this Corbett is something a bit special.


    Blade: Böhler M390 stainless steel (HRC +/- 61)

    Blade thickness: 5.3mm (0.21")

    Blade depth: 37mm (1.5")

    Blade length: 157mm (6.2")

    Overall length: 285mm (11.2")

    Weight (without sheath): 252g (8.9oz)

    Weight (with sheath): 356g (12.5oz)

    Handle material: Stabilized Mammoth bone spacer and stabilized Poplar burl (Raffir)

    Fittings: Nickel Silver

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