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The 'Kužini' - Arizona Desert Ironwood

The 'Kužini' - Arizona Desert Ironwood

SKU: 23029

Everyone has a 'Kužini'... that cousin that will always be there when you need them. Always have your back and get you out of any tight situation you might get yourself into. Dependable, no BS and with a bit of an attitude. If you don't have one... you need one!


This Kužini is in 1095 carbon steel with a beautiful Hamon. Below the Hamon line (the edge) the steel is hard... about 60 HRC hard. Above the Hamon line it is a lot softer... this gives the blade superb toughness. You won't break this one! Sculpted Arizona Desert Iornwood scales with Nickel Silver pins and a mosaic pin. Tapered tang, a sharp spine (for ferro rod) and a practical lanyard tube at the back. It comes in a fitted leather sheath  and is made to work!


    Blade: 1095 Carbon Steel (HRC +/-60 at the edge)

    Blade thickness: 3.3mm (0.13")

    Blade length: 91mm (3.58")

    Overall length: 220mm (8.66")

    Blade depth: 33mm (1.3")

    Handle material: Oiled Arizona Desert Ironwood with Nickel Silver pins

    Weight: 152g (5.3oz)

    Weight with sheath: 216g (7.6oz)

    Full, tapered tang and vulcanized fibre liner. Comes with a custom fitted leather sheath.

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