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The 'Ratel' EDC/Hunter - Micarta

The 'Ratel' EDC/Hunter - Micarta

SKU: 24014

The 'Ratel' - a general purpose EDC or hunting knife. On this design I have gone back to basics to provide a compact and lightweight workhorse for everyday or in the field. The 4" blade is big enough for most tasks and with a drop point is excellent for dressing game. At 3mm thick at the spine (just under 1/8") it is light-weight, has a fine geometry and cuts superbly. The handle scales are secured with two Corby bolts and it has a useful lanyard loop at the back. A practical tool with a functional finger guard, sharpening notch and jimping on the spine. Like it's namesake, the 'Ratel' (pronounced Rah-tel) or Honey Badger is a compact, tough, no nonsense tool that will serve you well for many years.


This 'Ratel' is crafted in CPM CruWear high-alloy steel with a stonewash finish and has canvas Micarta scales with stainless steel fittings. CruWear is a kick-ass, modern powder metallurgy steel with very good edge retention, semi-stainless and is super tough. A veg-tanned leather sheath made by my hands with saddle stitching and some toolwork compliments the piece and will keep your Ratel secure and at-hand.



    Blade: CPM CruWear (+/- 62 HRC) high-alloy steel

    Blade thickness: 2.9mm (0.12")

    Blade depth: 31mm (1.2")

    Blade length: 97mm (3.8")

    Overall length: 214mm (8.3")

    Weight: 146g (5.2oz)

    Weight with sheath: 214g (7.6oz)

    Handle material: Canvas Micarta with vulcanized fibre liners

    Fittings: Stainless steel Corby bolts and lanyard tube

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