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The 'Selby' Hunter

The 'Selby' Hunter

Named after the famed African game hunter Harry Selby, this purpose designed knife has a broad blade, dropped point and a generous belly. A rounded handle ensures no hot-spots and can be used with ease in many different grips. Jimping on the spine and a tapered tang combine practicality with the aesthetic.


Starting at 370 Euro, the 'Selby' can be ordered in a choice of steel with a variety of hardwood or micarta handle scales and liners which are held together with a Corby bolt (brass or stainless steel) at the front and a useful lanyard tube at the rear. Other options are a Spanish/sharpening notch or a flat spine without jimping.


After a hard day's work in the field, this knife will make light work of breaking down your quarry. Enough blade and robust enough for some of the largest thick-skinned game like Cape Buffalo as well as general duties around the campsite. This knife will serve you well in hunting trips for the rest your lifetime.


Starting form 400 Euro. Please get in touch to discuss the specifications of your 'Selby' and a quote.


    Blade: Steel of customer choice

    Blade thickness: 4.0 - 4.5mm (0.16" - 0.18")

    Blade depth: +/- 34mm (1.34")

    Blade length: +/- 105mm (4.1")

    Overall length: +/- 240mm (9.44")

    Handle material: Oiled hardwood or Micarta of customer choice.

    Fittings: Brass or stainless steel Corby and lanyard tube

    Full, tapered tang with or without jimping, vulcanized fibre or G-10 liners, Corby bolt and lanyard tube. Comes with a custom fitted sheath.

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