The 'Selous' Recurve Camp - Bog Oak with Hamon
  • The 'Selous' Recurve Camp - Bog Oak with Hamon

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    The 'Selous' - a shapely camp knife that will do the business. This one is built in 26C3 carbon steel and is 4.8mm thick at the spine. 26C3 is a high quality carbon steel manufactured by Uddeholm. It has similar characteristics to 1095 carbon steel but rates higher in toughness tests, quality is consistent from Uddeholm... and it gives great Hamons!


    A Hamon is the wavy line about 1/3rd up from the blade edge - the steel above and below the line are different hardness. Below the line (at the edge) is very hard, above the line is softer. This ensures the hard edge will keep sharp for longer and the softer spine will provide flexibility and toughness for the blade. You will normally find Hamons on traditional Japanese swords and blades.


    Stabilized Bog Oak scales (between 2000 and 5000 years old) with red G10 liner, filework on the spine, mosaic pin and a full, tapered tang. The stabilizing process impregnates the natural wood with a resin that is then cured - this makes the scales water resistant and almost impervious to warping or cracking. These ancient Bog Oak scales will last another 2000 years!


    The 'Selous' - built for many years of bushcraft, camping and wilderness adventuring.


      Blade: Uddeholm 26C3 carbon steel (HRC +/- 61)

      Blade thickness: 4.8mm (0.19")

      Blade length: 153mm (6.02")

      Overall length: 280mm (11")

      Handle material: Stabilized Bog Oak

      Fittings: Brass

      Weight without sheath: 252g (9.4oz)

      Weight with sheath: 350g (12.6oz)

      Full, tapered tang, filework on the spine with stabilized Bog Oak scales, G10 liner, brass pins and a mosaic pin. Comes with a custom fitted sheath as seen.