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'Hemmingway' Skinner - Hamon & Leadwood

'Hemmingway' Skinner - Hamon & Leadwood

SKU: 24015

The 'Hemmingway' - an old-world skinning knife. Like it's namesake, understated and functional. Broad tip, fat belly, finger curve on the choil and razor sharp - made for the field, it'll make light work of any hunting task.


This one is in 1095 carbon steel with a Hamon and stonewash finish - razor sharp! The Hamon line shows differential hardening. At the edge the steel, below the line, the steel is very hard. Above the Hamon line it is softer which makes the blade tougher. This is the same technique used on traditional Japanese swords. Two-tone, oiled Leadwood scales with brass lanyard tube, pins and a mosaic pin. File-work on the spine to help maintain a firm grip in slippery situations. Hand-stitched, fitted leather sheath with toolwork.



    Blade: 1095 carbon steel (+/- 60 HRC)

    Blade thickness: 3.5mm (0.14")

    Blade depth: 36mm (1.41")

    Blade length: 97mm (3.8")

    Overall length: 202mm (7.9")

    Handle material: Oiled Leadwood with vulcanized fibre liners

    Fittings: Brass

    Weight: 152g (5.3oz)

    Weight with sheath: 218g (7.6oz)

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