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When I started making sheaths for my knives, I had very basic, generic tools for cutting leather. I mostly used a Stanley '199' utility knife. As I made more sheaths and got better at it, I needed better tools that were specifically for leatherwork. I looked at many of the available factory made leather knives and was weiging up what to purchase. Luckily, before I hit the 'Buy Now' button it dawned on me: "Hey, you're a knifemaker - make your own leather knife.". After a few prototypes, I have refined my designs to be suitable for the job, comfortable to use for extended periods, hard-wearing, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. There is nothing better than having the right tool for the job. I love using my leather knives!

If you have any specific requirements or customizations such as handle or blade materials, handle sizes, initials engraved on the blade etc. - please get in touch.

Tools available to order:

Tools currently in stock and ready to ship:

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