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General Purpose & EDC

As a teenager I normally had a small knife in my pocket - a Wenger 1961 'Soldier' with silver alox scales. One of the original 'Swiss Army Knives'. The knife belonged to my father who had it since the late 60's. Slicing up apples, whittling sticks, opening bottles of coke or tinned food while 'camping' in the bush around home - I thought there was nothing that this little knife couldn't do... except close on your fingers! Man, I loved that knife :-)

My General Purpose and EDC (Every Day Carry) knives are exactly that. Designed with no specific purpose but are lightweight, compact and tough enough for most tasks. The best knife for a job is the  one that you have with you!

All of my General Purpose/EDC knives come with a custom fitted leather sheath. If you have any specific requirements or customizations such as handle or blade materials, initials engraved on the blade/embossed on the sheath etc. - please get in touch.



General Purpose and EDC (Every Day Carry) knives currently available:

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