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Sgian Dubhs & Other

Although I started my knife-making journey when I was a teenager, I had a break of about 15 years where I didn't make anything - I had moved to the UK where I didn't have any tools or access to a workshop. My grandparents were from Scotland (Glasgow and Perth) and when I got married in 2014, I decided to get married in a kilt. Of course, I needed a Sgian Dubh. After much searching, I found that the only decent the Sgian Dubhs available were all custom made. This got me right back into knife-making. My wedding Sgian Dubh was the first hidden-tang knife I made and re-ignited my passion for blades.

I really enjoy making Sgian Dubhs, knowing that it is a tradition and that most will be treasured and passed on to future generations.

Recently on my journey I have taken on the challenges of making daggers and hope to bring more to the world in the future. These are normally one-off pieces, but get in touch if interested in a custom commission.

Sgian Dubhs available to order:

Sgian Dubhs & Other knives currently in stock and ready to ship:

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