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A single-bevel tool available in different lengths and widths, symetrical or with an offset (like a traditional Japanese leather knife) for right or left hand use and a straight or angled blade. Crafted in carbon or stainless steel and a handle material of the customer choice. As with all BALETA Handmade tools, they are made to last a lifetime!


Starting at 240 Euro, please get in touch to discuss your skiving knife requirements.




    Blade: Customer choice of carbon or stainless steel.

    Blade thickness: 1.8 (0.07") - 2.3mm (0.09")

    Cutting edge width:  30mm (1.2") - 60mm (2.4")

    Overall length: 165mm (6.5") - 220mm (8.7")

    Handle material: Exotic hardwood, stabilized wood or synthetic material of customer choice.

    Fittings: Brass or Nickel Silver


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