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The 'Corbett' Hunter

The 'Corbett' Hunter

Inspired by and named after the legendary man-eating tiger hunter Jim Corbett. Long, slim and with flowing lines - if I was confronted by one of those man-eating beasties, and my rifle was no longer with me or useful, this would be the tool I would fall back on.


The hidden-tang design ensures a relatively light and nimble blade for its length and thickness. Blade steel, finger guard & pin, spacer and handle material are all of the customer choice. However, on this knife I try and go for more the exotic and rare materials... on the sheath too - it's just that kind of knife. Prices start from 700 Euro.


The Corbett is something a bit special.




    Blade: Steel of customer choice.

    Blade thickness: 4.5 - 5.5mm (0.18" - 0.21")

    Blade depth: +/- 38mm (1.5")

    Blade length: +/- 152mm (6")

    Overall length: +/- 280mm (11")

    Handle material: Customer choice.

    Fittings: Brass, Bronze or Nickel Silver.

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