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The 'Meerkat'

The 'Meerkat'

I was trying to come up with a practical neck knife and played around with a 2-finger design. I found that a 2-finger handle just didn't give enough grip on the knife to make it really usable - not enough leverage on such a short handle. I also played with the thickness of the handle and found a thicker handle gives one a lot more purchase and control than a flat or Paracord wrap handle. My design grew bigger, as did my pile of prototypes! It took about a year going through various iterations before I arrived at the "Meerkat" as you see it.


It can be worn as a neck knife, but it's particularly suited to be worn as an appendix or scout-carry inside the belt. The Kydex sheath holds the knife firmly and the belt clip is reversible for left-hand or right-hand use. This makes it concealable, out of the way for active body movement but also fast and easy to deploy with one hand.


The blade is big enough for most everyday tasks. Three blade shapes are available: 'Hunter', 'Kuzini', 'Bushcrafter' and 'Tanto'. The handle is long enough (fourth/little finger curls around the butt) to get good leverage on the blade but also thick enough that you can get a firm grip and be able to use it for a length of time without cramping up. The jimping also helps you get a real positive grip on this little big blade, especially in wet situations. At the front is a Corby bolt to ensure the handle scales will remain attached for your lifetime. A lanyard tube at the rear adds practicality.

Tucked into your belt or backpack, it is small and light enough that you won't even notice it's there... but has the ergonomics and is big enough for just about any outdoor task. It won't chop down trees or split logs... but will do everything else!


Starting at 260 Euro, get in touch to order your Meerkat custom build.


    Blade steel: Bohler N690 or Elmax stainless steel (+/- 61 HRC)

    Blade thickness: 3.0mm (0.12")

    Blade length: +/- 70mm (2.75")

    Overall length: +/- 153mm (6")

    Weight: +/- 90g (3oz)

    Weight with sheath: +/- 130g (4.5oz)

    Handle material: Exotic hardwood or Micarta of customer choice. G10 or fibre liners.

    Jimping on the spine. Nickel Silver, Stainless or Brass Corby bolt and Lanyerd tube . Comes with a custom fitted Kydex sheath.

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