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The 'Straight Camp'

The 'Straight Camp'

The 'Straight Camp' - a no-nonsense camp knife. A thick, broad blade that is balanced out with a tapered tang crafted in a steel of customer choice. Handle material, liners and pins also of customer choice. Built for many years of bushcraft, camping and wilderness adventuring.


Starting at 450 Euro - get in touch to discuss your personalized Bushmaster build and look forward to many years of bushcraft, camping and wilderness adventuring with it.



    Blade: Steel of customer choice.

    Blade thickness: 5.0 - 5.5mm (0.2" - 0.22")

    Blade depth: +/- 38mm (1.5")

    Blade length: +/- 135mm (55")

    Overall length: +/- 250mm (10")

    Handle material: Customer choice of exotic hardwood, stabilized wood or synthetic with complimentary liners.

    Fittings: Brass or Nickel Silver.

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