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The 'WJ' Recurve Hunter

The 'WJ' Recurve Hunter

Named after one of the last great ivory hunters out of Mozambique - Wally Johnson.

A gentle recurve leading to a broad, dropped point hunting blade. Crafted in stainless steel of the customer choice - this blade not only looks great but will perform too! Filework on the spine and tapered tang is standard on this model. Also available as a 'Compact' version with a 100mm (4") blade.


A rounded brass finger guard, a full, tapered tang, a finely detailed mosaic pin and a lanyard tube ensures that this tool is practical for the field but is still aesthetically pleasing. Vulcanized fibre liners and oiled hardwood/stabilized wood/synthetic material of customer choice will make this a personalized knife that is ready for work. A fitted leather sheath with toolwork comes as standard with the 'WJ'.


Starting at 510 Euro, the 'WJ' is something a little special and will certainly stand out from the crowd on your next hunting trip. Personalization (e.g. initials etched on blade or carved in the sheath) is also available.


Starting at 630 Euro. Please get in touch to discuss the specifications of your 'WJ' and a quote.


    Blade: Stainless steel of customer choice

    Blade thickness: 4.0 - 4.5mm (0.16" - 0.18")

    Blade depth: +/- 36mm (1.4")

    Blade length: +/- 125mm (5") - 'Compact' version: +/- 100mm (4")

    Overall length: +/- 250mm (10") - 'Compact' version: +/- 225mm (9")

    Handle material: Oiled hardwood, stabilized wood, synthetic or natural material of customer choice.

    Fittings: Brass with mosaic pin

    Full, tapered tang with filework on the spine, vulcanized fibre liners, brass finger guard, lanyard tube and a fine mosaic pin. Comes with a custom fitted sheath.

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